Paul van Schaik

Paul van Schaik

My name is:

Paul van Schaïk. Before working at the Lean Six Sigma Group, I worked for various organizations. In the telecom, where I first learned about Lean Six Sigma, logistics

in the port of Rotterdam, but also in healthcare. I my working live, I have always been focusing on improving quality and customer experience. I prefer using data to help deciding on areas of improvement, without losing sight of the people, I use the Lean Six Sigma methodology, Process Mining and RPA to optimize processes.

Terms that describe me:

Pragmatic, interested, perfectionist, honest, persistent.

I do:

I work as a consultant / trainer. I am also specialized in Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation.

In my spare time:

I love cooking and eating with friends and growing my own vegetables in our garden. I addition, I like playing golf and traveling.

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