Marjolein de Brouwer

Marjolein de Brouwer

My name is:

Marjolein de Brouwer and I enjoy streamlining the processes at our own office. I am happy to see things being well organized. I mainly have working experience in support functions but also as a consultant. Since I became a Green Belt one year ago, I discovered that I have been working in a Lean way for much longer.

5 terms that describe me:

Create, flexible, down-to-earth, pragmatic and well organized.

I do:

I am  the Lean Six Sigma Group office manager. I support consultants and trainers and I am responsible for registrations and HR.

In my spare time:

I like to do Kenpo karate and I like photography. In addition, with a family of five, there is always something in and around the house that keeps me busy.

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