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start using lean
Armand Rohrbock

Blog | The 8 Lean wastes

The elimination of wastes is the core principle of Lean Management. In this article, we list all the wastes and show you what to be aware of in order to work more efficiently.

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Types of Six Sigma Training
Sebastiaan Kooijman

The 5 benefits of Lean for shop-floor employees

How and why shop-floor employees benefit from the implementation of Lean are aspects that are highlighted less frequently. And it is time to change this. After all, most of the success achieved by Lean is determined by the employees! So here are five reasons why the implementation of Lean benefits shop-floor employees.

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Lean trajectory
Jelle Marius

10 tips for managing Six Sigma

The implementation of Six Sigma alone doesn’t guarantee better results. How can organisations retain the best Six Sigma processes in order to achieve better results? Here, we give you 10 tips for managing Six Sigma.

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