Does the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training suit me?

Do you ever feel like you are missing something?

This might be the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. But how can you be sure? 

You are interested in the way business is handled. Often, you find yourself thinking processes can be improved. You prefer to instantly act instead of ‘adding it to your to-do list’. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is definitely meant for you! 

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt can be followed when you are already a Yellow-, Orange or Green-Belter. This Black Belt is just a next step in your Lean Six Sigma career, which will provide you with a deeper process level and opportunities of improvement. This will lead to an impact on the entire organisation. 

How to start?

Processes can be found everywhere people work. Through a goal and some input, an output is achieved. Here is an example:

Imagine working at a bank. Think about incoming mortgage requests. As an employee of the bank, you would like to know if you should accept these requests or not. In order to do so, you should set up an inquiry. After analysing the measurements, you can choose whether the requests should be accepted or denied. Pay attention to qualitative and quantitative commitment, because this will lead to lower costs for the customer.  

After these analyses, think of possible solutions. When it has been mapped out which steps should be taken, the implementation of the solution is next. Make sure to involve your employees, therefore you know change will lead to the result you want to get. Finally, it is not only important to make changes, but to keep it that way as well. Sustainability first! 

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

The training that continues where the Green Belt stops, is the Black Belt Training. The main concern of this training is working on improvement full time. Keep in mind this is not always possible, especially with smaller companies. Black Belt also enables talking about improvement, structures, methods and teams with middle management. This Belt also learns you to take the leading role in improvement projects that do not take place within your own department. In conclusion, Black Belt can be seen as unmissable during realisation and conservation of the Lean culture: continuous improvement.

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