How to become a viable organisation?

Viable organisations

Viability becomes more and more important. It is important to be able to adapt to your environment nowadays. Not only organisations have noticed, but individuals have as well. But what actually is viability? And how do you become a viable organisation?

But what is a viable organisation?

When would one say an organisation is viable? There is no clear definition, but viability means being able to adapt quickly to changing environments. It is basically another word for agility. This is why these terms are used to refer to the same meaning. Imagine the demand of trainings being cut in half, for example due to the corona crisis. How fast would your organisation be able to adapt? This would define your adaptability, or viability. 

How to create viable organisations?

The way in which responsibilities are assigned is important in the creation of viability. An organisation that is structured hierarchically with many layers will not be very viable. Decisions take a long time to make due to all these layers. An organisation without all these layers, is more viable. Creating Agility within your company allow employees to make their own decisions and therefore possibly make mistakes. Because this is what Agility is about too. Earlier, not only time was invested in consideration, but in analysis as well. This way, risks could be decreased.

For whom will you become Agile?

Not only the question of how to become a viable organisation is important. The question of why might be even more relevant. For whom will you become viable? Creating maximum customer value is your final goal. Will your customers be able to notify the added value of all production processes and is he or she willing to pay for these? Remember that not every adaptation can be considered an improvement. 

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