The 10 advantages of a Green Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma has become a household name within many organisations. Yet, there are still many uncertainties surrounding it. Many people, for instance, ask themselves what the actual benefit of having a Green Belt is, whether Lean Six Sigma really can be applied in their organisations and, if that is the case, what the advantages of a Green Belt training are.

To eliminate these uncertainties, we have listed the main advantages of a Green Belt training. You can use these to determine whether this training suits you (and your organisation).

  • Green Belts who can demonstrate that they have mastered the Six Sigma methodology and are achieving positive results are often promoted within their organisations.
  • It takes less time to teach Green Belts the Six Sigma methods, resources and techniques than it does Black Belts.
  • Some organisations require that their employees are certified Green Belts before they can be promoted.
  • Green Belts are trained in groups, which increases the knowledge gained and the enthusiasm.
  • If a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training is done on an in-company basis, lesson plans can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of the company in question.
  • The performance of Green Belts can be evaluated on the basis of projects completed or certification earned.
  • The productivity of Green Belts increases and, instead of solving problems, they now prevent problems from occurring.
  • Management based on data can always be substantiated. Green Belt projects help employees to ‘see the light’.
  • If you do not have financial analysis experience, a Green Belt training can be your opportunity to learn how to make simple comparisons, to learn how to quantify the profits generated by projects and to learn how to use management jargon.
  • And last but not least, official Green Belt certification gives you a head start on other candidates when applying for jobs.

If we have aroused your interest in Lean Six Sigma training, please view our offers here and find out more about the content, cost and dates of our Green Belt training courses.

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