Black Belt Certification

Black Belt Certification is made up of two parts: a theory and a practical certificate.

The theory certificate is black-and-white proof that you have mastered the Lean and Six Sigma methods and techniques at World-class Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training level. Our training curriculum conforms to the internationally-recognised ‘Body Of Knowledge’ as used by ASQ and CSSC.

The practical certificate is the real crowning glory of your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training. It is proof of your expertise, having not only mastered the theory but also knowing how to apply it in practice thanks to the successful completion of two Lean Six Sigma projects using the right DMAIC tools and change management skills.

The following criteria apply in order to be eligible for Lean Six Sigma Group certification:

Theory certificate:

    • An (open-book) theory examination passed, which consists of multiple choice questions.
    • The examination tests your knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methods & techniques, as well as your understanding of statistical analysis using Minitab.
    • This is an open-book examination
    • 10 tips for a clean desk policy
    • Pareto chart
    • DMAIC: the effective Lean Six Sigma project approach
    • and the use of a laptop with Minitab installed is permitted.

Practical certificate:

    • Theory examination passed.
    • Successful completion of two projects that yield compliance-guaranteed results and improvement to the value of at least £100,000, as verified by an authorised company auditor and endorsed by the project Champion.
    • Project documentation according to the DMAIC storyboard outline, as indicated in the standard Lean Six Sigma Group template.
    • Use of the ‘mandatory tools’ as mentioned in the Lean Six Sigma toolbox.
    • Whether the project has been completed successfully will be determined by Lean Six Sigma Group on the basis of:
  • Documentation review (based on storyboard, toolbox and potential substantiating data files).
  • Review interview (30-45 min per project).
  • Written feedback based on questions / comments.

Once these criteria have been met, the certificate will be sent (quotes for issuing in-person supplied on request).

For whom?

Trained Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who would like official and independent certification.

By whom?

Experienced Lean Six Sigma Group (Master) Black Belts who provide support throughout the Certification Programme of your choice.


The standard price for Lean Six Sigma Group practical certification is £1500 excl. VAT. For an indication of the investment required for the other certification programmes, please contact us. This investment will depend on the institution chosen by you and on the amount of coaching & support by Lean Six Sigma Group required for success.

Below is an overview of independently-tested Certification Programmes.
Screening for participation in one of these programmes is done by testing the knowledge and skills acquired by means of the abovementioned Lean Six Sigma Group Certification Programme. On the basis of the results of this screening, the course to be followed (including possible extra coaching & training) will be determined through consultation between you and a Master Black Belt from Lean Six Sigma Group.

CSSC Certification

The training courses of the Lean Six Sigma Group are CSSC accredited. The Counsil for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) is an independent institution that weighs up training programmes – as presented by training organisations – against the Body of Knowledge for Lean Six Sigma training. The knowledge and backgrounds of instructors are also determining factors when it comes to obtaining accreditation.

American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certification Programme

The following is required for ‘ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt’ certification. In addition to passing the ASQ examination (4 hours, 150 multiple choice questions), participants must have completed at least 2 DMAIC projects, or have completed 1 project and possess at least three years of demonstrable Six Sigma working experience. Projects must demonstrate evident and quantified (business) results.

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